How to stake your Sifchain (ROWAN)

# Published 22 March 2021

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You can either purchase from the Sifchain DEX or on Uniswap here: . You will also need some ETH to pay for Ethereum transaction fees for importing/peg-in either your eROWAN or one of the supported tokens within the dex. To use the DEX or to Stake your ROWAN you will need the Keplr wallet which you can find in the Chrome web browser store here:

Importing from Ethereum to Sifchain

Go to and either import/peg-in your eROWAN to native ROWAN or your ETH to cETH (Sifchain wrapped ETH). The official docs are here: or you can follow this quick video showing how to import/peg-in to Sifchain:

If you already have ROWAN and prefer to import ETH and use the Sifchain DEX

You will need to have a small amount of ROWAN first to pay for fees for using the Sifchain omni-DEX. Click the SWAP tab within the DEX and swap your cETH for ROWAN. Quick video showing how to SWAP:

Delegating your stake to start earning staking rewards

Go to and select how much of your ROWAN you want to delegate; to start earning staking rewards with. Quick video showing how to Stake/Delegate: