How to stake your Secret (SCRT)

# Published 18 August 2021

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How to Get the SCRT Token

Until IBC is ready (Soon!) the best way of acquiring your initial SCRT currently is through Binance. After you have your first SCRT there are various other ways to get more after that; there are many bridges found here that you can use to get into the ecosystem from for example: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Monero, etc; which can then be swapped to SCRT using the native SecretSwap AMM here.

Secondly, we need an Interchain Wallet

After acquiring the SCRT token you will then need an Interchain wallet delegate and earn more SCRT from the SCRT. Please download the Keplr wallet which you can find in the Chrome web browser store here:


Delegating is when you bond your tokens to a validator and earn rewards from that validator. Delegating is non-custodial, which means that a validator cannot steal your coins just because you delegated to them.

Delegating your stake to earn a staking rewards

Go to and select how much of your SCRT tokens you want to delegate to start earning staking rewards.