How to stake your NEAR

# Published 14 May 2023

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First, the wallet

Staking NEAR is very easy and they have good UX. Firstly simply navigate to to create your first wallet.

The Vanity Wallet

After creating your first wallet it will ask you again if youd like to creat a custom wallet with a vanity wallet name, this makes it really easy to send and recieve crypto without having to remember or copy and paste a long random string.

The Delegation

After creating your vanity wallet please then click "Staking" tab to bring up the staking UX and then hit the blue button "Stake My Tokens".
This will then bring up a search box interface labeled "Validator account ID",
you can find our validator by beginning to type in "autostake" into the search box.
Once you have found our validator click the "Select" button, then confirm on the next screen by hitting the blue "Stake With Validator" button.
Finally select the amount of NEAR you would like to stake and finish the delegation by hitting the "Submit Stake" button.