How to stake your Injective (INJ)

# Published 12 October 2021

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How to Get the INJ Token

Until IBC is ready (Soon!) the best way of acquiring your initial INJ currently is through Binance. After you have your first INJ you will need to withdraw it as an ERC20 token to your Ethereum address.

Bridge the ERC20 INJ to native INJ

After acquiring the ERC20 INJ token head over to the official bridge here: here
and connect your Metamask or Ledger wallet by clicking the "connect" button at the top right; and then you will need to do 2 transactions, the first to set the allowance and the second to initiate the actual bridging to the Injective chain.
After the second transaction it can take up to 10 minutes for your INJ to appear in your wallet which you can view by heading here

Delegating your stake to earn a staking rewards

Now that you have native INJ you are ready to delegate and start earning staking rewards. You can do by heading to this staking page
Press the "Delegate Now" button at the top right hand corner of the page and you will see a popup, within this popup enter the amount of INJ you would like to start staking and hit the "Delegate" button.
Ater the transaction has been submitted you are now delegated and earning a nstant stream on INJ rewards!