How to stake your EVMOS

# Published 11 June 2022

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Firstly, we need an Interchain Wallet

For acquiring the EVMOS token and delegating please download the Keplr wallet which you can find in the Chrome web browser store here:


Check your eligibility to the Rektdrop by connecting your Keplr wallet OR your Metamask here: You can claim your airdrop on April 29th, 2022 at 16:00:00 UTC. There are 4 steps to get 100% of your airdrop, each one unlocks 25% of your total claimable $EVMOS. The steps are:

  • Vote on a governance proposal
  • Stake $EVMOS to a Validator
  • Execute a cross-chain transfer between Evmos and Osmosis/Cosmos Hub
  • Interact with dApps deployed on Evmos

How to buy the EVMOS Token

Currently the best way to get the EVMOS token is to first purchase the ATOM token and send it to your Keplr wallet then head over to this page on the Osmosis Dex the hit the deposit button for (Cosmos Hub - ATOM) to do an IBC(Inter-Blockchain Communication) transfer from the Cosmos network to the Osmosis Network. Then after the ATOM has arrived in your Osmosis account you can trade ATOM to EVMOS on this page on the Osmosis Dex finally, head back over to this page on the Osmosis Dex and click the withdraw button for (EVMOS - EVMOS) to do an IBC(Inter-Blockchain Communication) transfer from the Osmosis network to the Evmos Network.


Delegating is when you bond your tokens to a validator and earn rewards from that validator. Delegating is non-custodial, which means that a validator cannot steal your coins just because you delegated to them.

Delegating your stake to earn a staking rewards

Go to RESTake and select how much of your Evmos tokens you want to delegate to start earning staking rewards, finally click the green "Enable" to have us auto-compound your rewards!