How to stake your BandChain (BAND)

# Published 29 January 2021

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Step 1 — Connect Ledger Wallet

Firstly, header over to the CosmoScan website. BandChain supports the Cosmos app on Ledger wallets. To connect, you must click on the “connect” button on the top-right of CosmoScan and select the app you’re using on Ledger. Follow the standard procedure of unlocking your Ledger, then keep the Cosmos app open and click “Connect to Ledger”.

Step 2 — Delegate BAND to the AutoStake Validator

Click on “Delegate” and specify the amount of BAND you wish to stake and start earning interest on. Then you can confirm and broadcast your transaction which should take 3–5 seconds to go through.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully delegated your BAND tokens to secure the decentralized oracle network and can start earning block rewards.

Step 3 — Withdraw Rewards

Click on “Withdraw Reward”, then confirm and broadcast your transaction. You should receive your reward in your BandChain wallet within 3–5 seconds! You must re-delegate your rewards if you wish to leverage compound rewards.